• Students will learn the roles of a director, production manager, production assistant, floor manager, camera operator, scriptwriter, lighting director, editor, CG operator, audio engineer and graphic artist. While learning and practicing these roles. students will write, film, edit and possibly star in the following video options: commercials, hype videos, documentaries, PSAs, VLogs, music videos and talk shows. Students will understand what goes into the 3 phases of video production: Pre-production, Production and Post-production.


    Ch 1 - 3 Act Structure & The TV Production Industry

    Ch 2. Working in the Television Industry

    Ch 4. Video Camera Operations

    Ch. 8 Scriptwriting

    Ch. 6 Audio Basics

    Ch 15 - Lighting

    Ch. 19 - Production Staging and Interacting with the Talent

    Ch 20 - Directing

    Ch 24 Video Editing