• Every student starts with an A+.
    • The first unprepared is -2.5points, and every one after that is -5points.
    • After the first two absences, 5 points is taken off for every absence.
    • 5 pts. is taken off for any suspension days.
    • Make-up work will be given to the student for any excessive absences or suspensions.  Students will be able to choose from a list of athletes, that he/she has to write a biography on.  The assignment needs to be one page front and back, handwritten, and in his/her own words.
    • All students are required to participate in a daily routine of conditioning:  push-ups, abdominal work, and walk/jog intervals; before his/her activity.  A fitness testing assessment  (the pacer) will be performed at the beginning and end of the semester to measure each students' progress.
    • If students are prepared, but do not participate, they will receive half credit for that day of Phys. Ed. 
    • No cell phones or are permitted while in class.
    • No food or drinks are permitted in the gym, except for water.
    • Every student is assigned a lock at the beginning of the semester; and will be fined $10, if not returned at the end of the semester.