• Show and Tell

    This is an opportunity for each child to build their skill of speaking in front of the class. 

    It will help to strengthen their confidence, communication and listening abilities.  

    Each month there will be a theme.  Please send in the item in a brown paper bag.  The students need to have ready one clue about their item to say to the class.  The class will get a chance to guess the item.  Then the presenter will show the item and say a few things about it and how it relates to the monthly theme.

    Be creative and have fun! 



    Dear Parents,


       Show and Tell for the month of February will be a math theme. Don’t forget a clue.  Be creative!  Have fun! 

    February 7th – Something that measures about

                             12 inches


    February 14th – Something that weighs about

                               1 pound


    February 21st – Something that costs about 1$


    February 28th – Something with numbers on it