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    For the past four years, The Declaration Newspaper has been awarded the title of Distinguished Site by SNO. To achieve this honor, our paper must meet requirements to received each of the following badges. Colonia High is the only school in New Jersey to receive this honor. Of the 2,324 high school newspaper sites across the country that publish with SNO and apply for badges, Colonia High was among the 28 schools to achieve all six badges.

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    J3 is brand new this year and will cover Broadcast Journalism. Students will cover:

    1.01 Introduction to Media Literacy

    1.02 History of Radio and Television

    1.03 The FCC and the First Amendment

    1.04 Broadcast Laws

    1.05 Ethical Principles

    1.06 Filing an OPRA Request

    1.07 Media Literacy Written Test

    2.01 Introduction to Podcasting

    2.02 Writing for Broadcast

    2.03 Audio Equipment and Introduction to Sound

    2.04 Capturing Primary Audio Track Sound

    2.05 Mixing and Editing to Tell a Story

    2.06 Marketing

    2.07 Producing a Podcast

    3.01 Camera Usage, Equipment, Terms and Movement

    3.02 Camera Angles & Light Setup

    3.03 Gathering Audio & Background

    3.04 Interviewing on Camera

    3.05 Scriptwriting

    3.06 Storyboarding / Pre-production Plan & Schedule

    3.07 Gathering A Roll and B Roll Shots

    4.01 Setting up Bins / Learning the Tools

    4.02 Creating Sequences, Syncing Audio, and Making Selects

    4.03 Editing Techniques

    4.04 Editing Audio

    4.05 Transitions

    4.06 Titles and Graphics

    4.07 Sound Bites, Sound Effects and Music

    4.08 Color Correction

    4.09 Video Speed and Pacing

    4.10 Visual Effects and Exporting

    5.01 Commercial

    5.02 Documentary

    5.03 School / Community Project

    5.04 PSA Project

    5.05 Greenscreen Project

    5.06 Live Broadcast

    5.07 Podcast (40 minute)

    5.08 Music Video

    5.09 Hype Video

    5.10 Talk Show / Vlog / Tutorial / Product Review


    *Students will also be working with The Woodbridge Channel and The Bridge