• Course Overview

    The purpose of this course is to prepare students to become a licensed driver in the state of New Jersey.  Successful completion will result in passing the state written test, one of the three test required to obtain a drivers license.  By passing the written test students are then eligible to obtain a learners permit which can be done by contacting a private driving school and scheduling "behind the wheel" training.


    The breakdown for grading is listed below:

    20% - Final Exam (NJDMV Written Test)
    Please note that only students in good academic standing (65% and above) will be eligible to take the DMV Written Test

    30% - Quizzes

    10% - Notebook / Class Projects (Class Notes, Handouts, etc.)

    40% - Classwork (Review Sheets, Homework, etc.)


    The driver education course is the equivalent to one health cycle which consists of 22 days.  As in all health cycles attendance is limited to 2 absences, where on the third absence a student will receive a loss of credit.  Additionally, as per NJDMV requirements students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of classroom time in order to be eligible to obtain their written test voucher.  The 22 day cycle will fulfill this requirement.

     Any work missed due to absences will be asked for in a timely fashion.  All class notes and review sheets are on this School Wire.  If a student is absent they are required to get the missed work from this School Wire as to keep up to speed with the lessons / quizzes being given in class upon their return.  Any questions on when material is distributed or when quizzes are being given can be checked on the driver education calendar tab or in the Google Classroom.
     Google Classroom
     In addition to having access to all class materials on the school wires page, all students are required to be signed onto the appropriate Google Classroom page.  Access codes for the Google Classroom will be given in class.
    *It should be noted that *NOT* all class material will be in hard copy form.  Most if not all work will be completed and submitted through Google Classroom*
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