• Below is a link to access information about your Summer Reading assignment. Once you open the page, click on the Grade you will be entering in September:
    Key Points of the assignment:
    Students entering Grade 5 will read books of their choice.
    They will then design a bookmark for one of the books.
    fiction book bookmark should have the following:  
    • Title of the book
    • Author (person who wrote the book)
    • Characters (people and animals in the story)
    • Setting (where the story happens)
    • Problem (what went wrong)
    • Solution (how problem was solved)
    • Theme (message of the story)
    nonfiction book bookmark should have the following:
    • Title of the book
    • Author (person who wrote the book)
    • 2 Facts (what did you learn from this book)  
    • Diagram (drawing from this book)
    • Text Features
    Remember to color your bookmark and write your name on it. Students can create their own bookmarks or they can visit their local library and get one there to complete. Copies will be available at every township library. Bring your completed project to school on the first day back in September.