• Mobile CSP

              Instructor:  Mr. Pasko

            Email:  Thomas.Pasko@woodbridge.k12.nj.us

          Room: 204


    Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles encourages the application of creative processes while developing artifacts to solve problems. The course focuses on learning to create computational artifacts. Students enrolled in the course learn the role and impact of technology and programming in society. Students also develop an appreciation of programming and technology as a way to personally significant artifacts and an understanding of programming and technology as a way to create solutions to computational problems. The courses focuses on an iterative approach to creation of programmatic and digital artifacts similar to the processes used by professional engineers and computer scientists. AP Computer Science Principles is expressly designed to encourage participation in computer science by under represented student communities by allowing flexibility in instruction for the use of a variety of computing tools and languages. The course introduces students to a survey of computing topics and provides a comprehension of fundamental programming, the wide variety of applications of programming and programmings trans-formative potential for our global society.