Graphic Design is everywhere.  Whether you are at the food store looking at hundreds of packaging designs, driving and see a billboard, looking through DVD covers, or scrolling through social media and seeing a sponsored ad. Through this course students will create, design and express themselves visually through technology. 
    The Four Principles of Design
    If two design elements are different, make them really different. This is contrast. If elements are different but similar, they will likely conflict with each other. Contrast is the most effective way to add visual interest to your design.  
    The purpose of repetition is to unify and strengthen your design. Repetition of design elements can pull together disparate parts parts of a design. The repetition as being consistent.
    Think about where you place elements in your design. Alignment is the visual connection a design element has with another element on the page. To connect the elements in a design, use alignment.
    This principle states that you must group related items together. They must be physically close to each other on the page. Conversely, design elements that are not related should not be physically close to one another.  
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