• Lesson Overviews

    Slide Presentations for each lesson are listed under "Lesson Resources" 


    Lesson 1- Hidden Messages
    Using Graphite Pencils, students will create hidden art based on the influence of Jasper Johns, Chuck Close and Pablo Picasso by overlapping line designs and shading values.
    Lesson 2- Stained Glass
    Using Color Pencils, students will create a realistically rendered image of a scenery or favorite scene in a show/movie to display value, shape and texture. Artist reference Louis Comfort Tiffany.  Exploration of foreground, middle ground and background.
    Lesson 3- Charcoal Glass Reflections
    Using charcoal pencils, students will create photo realistic artwork that displays highlights, shadows, value, depth and contrast.
    Lesson 4- News to You
    Using newspaper and magazines, students will create multimedia artwork based on a subject that has significant importance to them.  The subject may be of current importance or from the past.  Subjects may vary from family members, to places visited, etc. 
    Lesson 5- Produced in Pastel (Inspiration Squares)
    Using a choice or either oil or chalk pastels, students will create texture, tints, and values pulled through a small square of inspiration.  
    Lesson 6- Pop Art Portrait
     Using printmaking tools and techniques, students will create a self portrait print with hint of the pop art movement in their color-infused backgrounds.
    Lesson 7- Beyond the Border
     Using the principles of design (rhythm and movement), students will use watercolor techniques to create original artwork based on the question, "What has rhythm, what moves?"
    Lesson 8- Close Up Acrylic
     Using acrylic paint, students will brainstorm objects they have seen on a normal day.  Once they choose an object, they will learn how to tint, tone and blend standard colors to create unique variations for their project.
    Lesson 9- Sculpture