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    Dear Parents/Guardians:


    Hello I would like to introduce myself, I am Mrs. Colleen Wagner.  I am the Physical Education teacher at Ross Street School in Woodbridge!  I would like to welcome you and your child to a new school year!  This year in physical education class we will be doing a wide variety of activities, games, skills, movement concepts and sports that will promote healthy lifestyles, cooperation, good sportsmanship and most of all the idea that fitness can be fun. 


    My education philosophy regarding teaching is that the students are the focus.  The students should always feel safe, secure, and able to express themselves. It is important to me that all students be treated with respect and dignity regardless of ability level.  It is my intention that physical education class be a positive environment which stimulates and challenges the students. 


    However, I do need your help.  Please help your child to remember to wear sneakers to school on days they have physical education.  They are not allowed to participate if they do not have sneakers on. It is simply a safety issue.


    Listed below is a list of gymnasium rules. Please go over the rules and consequences with your child to ensure a safe and happy environment in physical education class.


    1.     Respect yourself, your classmates, the teacher and the equipment

    2.     Follow the directions and be safe

    3.     Help others

    4.     Have fun

    CONSEQUENCES:  Three Strikes & You’re Out!

    1.     1st Strike:  Verbal warning.

    2.     2nd Strike:  5 minute time out

    3.     3rd Strike:  You’re out for the rest of class.  Notification to classroom teacher and parent/guardian if behavior is continuous; a red card will is issued as well.


    I look forward to a successful school year and hope to see you on Open House night.  One of my goals is to keep the lines of communication open between school and home.  Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.





    Colleen Wagner

    Physical Educator, Ross Street School