• Self Critique
    Name ________________________________
    1. Which artwork are you discussing in this paper? ________________________________
    2. in 3-4 sentences, write an artist's statement to describe what you have created and how you want the viewer to feel about your project.
    3. What did you learn in this project?
    4. What materials did you use to create your work?
    5. What is the subject of the artwork? 
    6. What is the dominant color used in the work?
    7. What shapes do you see in the work? 
    8. Are these shapes organic (from nature) or geometric? Do they represent actual objects or people?
    9. Is there any visual or actual texture in the piece? Where? 
    10. What kind of lines are in the work and where are they?
    11. Is this work balanced? Explain how it is or is not balanced.
    12. What kind of patterns did you use and where are they in the work?
    13. Describe where you used contrast in the work
    14. What did you do really well on this piece?
    15. What do you think you could do better or change? 
    16. Describe how much effort did you put into this piece.