• Below are the guidelines and expectations to a successful semester in Spanish.
    Class Requirements/Materials:
     A binder /notebook for Spanish only and a folder. 
    A pen and pencil/highlighter.
    Textbook/ Workbook (given out in Class)

    Respect yourself, your classmates, and your teacher at all times.
     Come to class prepared daily with the material needed for Spanish Class.
     Arrive to class on time. Immediately complete Do- Now upon entry of the classroom.
     No electronic devices will be permitted in class.
    Grading: All grades and assignments can be accessed on Genesis. Each student is responsible on a daily basis for all work including classwork, tests, quizzes, and homework. If you missed any work due to an absence and the work was assigned prior to the absence, it is due on the day of your return. Any work handed in after this time will be considered late.