Mr. Davis' and Mr. Cilento's
    World History and Cultures 2 S/ICS

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    Course Description: This course focuses on the major social, economic, and political forces that contributed to the shaping of the multi-cultural world we live in today.  This course is designed to introduce students to the diverse cultural conditions and changes of the past.  It will teach continuity and change; respect for rights and abilities of the individual, concern for the welfare of others and tolerance of differences among peoples.  The course emphasizes the causes and consequences of historical events and the ever-changing balance of power.  In addition, one of its goals is to help students appreciate the various patterns that have emerged around the world as they relate to our present day society.


    Class Rules:

    1.        Be on time.  Be in your seat when the bell rings.  Any student who comes to class after the bell rings without a pass will be recorded as late.  Remember: 2 lates = detention, 4 lates =ACS, and 6 lates = loss of credit

    2.        Be prepared every day. (Notebook, textbook, pen, and assignments, and NOT your food, drink, cellphone or iPod.)  If you need to borrow a pen or pencil, you must provide collateral and you will also lose points for being unprepared. If I see you with an electronic device, I will confiscate them and send them to the office.

    3.        Be respectful of yourself and others.

    a.  Do not talk while I am talking.

    b.  Raise your hand in order to be recognized. 

    c.  Respect your classmates, their opinions, and contributions.  We can and will all learn from each other.

    d.  No sleeping.  Students are to remain attentive during class.

    e.  Do not line up or pack up before the class has ended.


    Bathroom Policy

    Only one student will be excused to use the bathroom at a time.  Students must sign out prior to leaving and sign in upon returning on the bathroom pass.  Students shouldn’t use the bathroom during the first 10 minutes or last ten minutes of class. Do not abuse your bathroom privileges.  If I notice that a student uses the bathroom every day, I will assume that it is because you want to get out of our class and wonder the halls.



    Attendance is crucial in block scheduling.  For every day you are absent you have two days to make up that work.  You  are responsible for acquiring all missed notes, handouts, and homework when absent. If you are absent on the day of an announced test or quiz you will complete it on the day of your return to class.


    Work turned in late: Any assignment turned in past its due date will lose “10 points” each day it is late, up to a week (5 school days) after the assignment was due.  A “broken” or “out of ink” printer is an unacceptable excuse for late work.  Email it to me as an attachment at jefferson.davis@woodbridge.k12.nj.us or store it on your web locker!


    Forgot your textbook at school:

    You can get an online version of your textbook from your home computer.  Use the website: http://glencoe.com/sec/socialstudies/ose/national.html

    You do not need to register, just enter the Username: GWH2005                        Password:  2uje7equ



    50% = Major Assessment: Tests, Projects, and Essays


    50 % = Minor Assessment:  Notebook, Quizzes, Google Doc Quizzes, Homework, Short Essays, Small Projects, Review Games, and Class Participation (Being prepared for class/ Awake and participating)


    A+ = 98-100

    A- = 92-94

    B = 86-88

    C+ = 80-82


    D = 68-70

    F = 64 and below

    A= 95-97

    B+ = 89-91

    B- = 83-85

    C = 77-79

    D+ = 71-73

    D- = 65-67



    It is highly recommended that you purchase a notebook with folder room for this class.  Organization and effort are keys to success in my class.  Your notebook should contain all handouts, assignments, and class notes.  Notebooks will be collected and checked periodically during the semester.


    World History Parent and Student Acknowledgement

    My child and I have read and understand the procedures and expectations for Mr. Davis’ class stated on the World History and Cultures Course Syllabus.   My child has my permission to view videos/movie clips rated R which relate to the subject matter being studied.  I understand the videos will be edited if necessary to exclude any content deemed inappropriate.  To view my child’s grade I am aware I can go to www.woodbridge.k12.nj.us and follow the instructions to the Genesis grading system.  I am also aware that I can through that same website access Mr. Davis’ Schoolwires page for unit assignment sheets and other work.   I am aware I can contact Mr. Davis with any concerns and questions through his school email address: jefferson.davis@woodbridge.k12.nj.us or at the school at (732) 726-7067.


    *****Please fill out the attached Google doc to show you have seen the class rules and requirements. This form will count as your child’s first homework grade.


    Click on the following link to complete the student contract: