• Welcome to English III R 


    Please see Google Classroom for access to Turnitin and Pearson Realize 
    -Summer Reading is due no later than: Friday, 2/9/18
    -Obtain supplies for class.
    -Those of you who decided to take a textbook, take it home and bring it back the day of the final exam.
    2/12/18- 2/16/18
    -Complete "Sinner in the Hands of an Angry God" chart. 
    -Pearson online selection test- due Wednesday
    -Crucible presentations due Friday
    -Unit 2 Vocabulary Quiz consisting of: Parts of Speech, Definitions, and Completing the Sentences 
    -Finish reading Act I of The Crucible. 
    -Complete the Pearson online selection test for Act I. Due Monday 7:30AM.