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    Forensics (S-Track)

    Class Expectations


    • Supplies – the following must be brought to class everyday:
      • Chromebook with charger
    • Classwork (25% of your grade)
      • Classwork includes short-term assignments and quizzes.
      • Quizzes may be announced.
      • All assignments will be available through Google classroom.
      • Homework may be assigned for your enrichment.  It will NOT be collected, it will be gone over at the beginning of the block.
      • All graded assignments must be turned in through Google Classroom 
    • Lab work (25% of your grade)
      • Labwork will vary within each chapter/concept.
      • If you miss a lab, see me for additional instructions.
    • Major Assessments (50% of your grade)
      • Major Assessments include tests and long-term projects.
      • All tests will be announced.
      • Review will be given prior to each test.
      • If you are absent for a test, you must schedule to make it up with me.  Try to avoid test make-ups during class time. 
    • Absences and make-up work
      • Check Google classroom for assignments.
      • Make-up work is due per district policy. 
    • Grading
      • Major assessments (including Tests) – 50%
      • Classwork– 25%
      • Lab work – 25%

    If you are struggling in this course, ask questions or seek help.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this during class time, tutoring is available by appointment during office hours.