• Dear Families,
                 The 100th day of school will be on Wednesday, February 15th.  To help celebrate, please have your child glue 100 theme-related cutouts or objects on the supplied construction paper (or any other paper you’d like to use).  Then, referring to the collage, help him/her write a rhyming couplet that begins, “I Spy…”  For example, if your child chooses dinosaurs as his/her theme, he/she will cut out, draw, use stickers, or stamps to make 100 dinosaurs.  Then, he/she might write:


    I spy a dinosaur that’s red.
     It has a big horn on its head.

    One out of the 100 hundred dinosaurs your child draws will be red with a big horn on its head.

    Since we will be having a small party to celebrate the 100th day, if possible, please send in 100 pieces of something small for snack.  Please put it in a small plastic bag or container.  Some suggestions are:  goldfish, mini pretzels, crackers, grapes, etc.  We will mix and share.  Please have your child count out the 100 pieces.  Please note that your child does not have to eat anything they do not want or is not allowed to eat.

              Please send in the project and snack on or before Wednesday, February 15th.  Thanks for your help!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Please Note that we have nut and egg allergies so please check ingredients listed in the foods being sent in.  Also sugar cannot be the 1st ingredient.  Also no homemade items ingredients must been seen on the packages due to allergies.


    Mrs. Leonard 
    project example