•  Health 11- Mr. Scialfo

    Health is a state required course for the four years a student is present in high school.  Not only do you need to pass this course, but you also need to be present in the class to get the credit necessary for graduation.

    More than 2 Unexcused Absences or lates you are at risk of losing credit. 

    You will be working every day.  You will be writing every day.  

    Grading in Health is 50/50.  Everything you do gets graded and it is all included in the final grade.  Major assessments (tests, Notebook check), are worth 50% of your grade. Class Work/Packets are counted as minor assessments and make up the other 50% of your grade.

    A Folder or a Notebook is necessary in this class.  

    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up the work and get the notes from the day you are absent. If you need an assignment ask!   Missed tests must be made up and should be arranged w/Mr. Scialfo.

    All power points are on google classroom.  If you are absent or miss notes refer to this site.

    (You must be present in class to have any chance of participating!)

    • Classroom Policies: 
      • 1 at a time, try to avoid leaving during notes and tests 
      • Bring your own! No guarantee here. 
      • NO
      • NO
      • NO
      • End of class ask for permission.  
      • Bathroom Passes
      • Pens/Pencils
      • Food/Drinks
      • Cell Phones/Head phones 
      • Heads Down
      • Changing Seats
      • Late Policy

    Lesson Progression:

    Unit 1 Reproduction/Contraception/Sexual Assault & Consent

    Unit 2 Stress/Depression/Suicide 

    Unit 3 Tobacco/Alcohol/Drugs

    Unit 4 Cardiovascular Disease/Cancer

    Unit 5 CPR

    **All juniors that have health with me will have the opportunity to become CPR certified (pending attendance and participation during CPR portion of class)**