• Chapter 4 Congruent Triangles

    identify and classify triangles by angle measures and side measures
    apply the triangle sum theorem
    apply the exterior angle theorem
    name and use corresponding parts of congruent polygons
    prove triangle congruent using the definition of congruence
    test triangle congruence using SSS SAS AAS ASA
    use properties of isosceles and equliateral triangles
    identify reflections, translations, rotations.
    verify congruence after a congruence transformation
    Define the (vocabulary) in your notebooks, include examples

    Please feel free to write down/download the powerpoint presentations or use the book in conjunction with the videos


    Lesson 4.1- Define (acute, equilangular, obtuse, right, equilateral, isosceles, scalene)
    Classwork (15–37, 56–59, 61–85)


    Lesson 4.2- Define (auxiliary line, exterior angle, remote interior angle, flow proof, corollary)

    Classwork (12–29, 46–48, 50–67)

    Exit Quiz


    Lesson 4.3 (congruent, congruent polygon, corresponding parts, CPCTC-google this)

    Classwork (9–27, 36–38, 40–58)


    Lesson 4.4 (SSS Postulate, SAS Postulate, included angle)

    Classwork (5–15, 30–49) 


    Lesson 4.5 (ASA Postulate, AAS Postulate, included side)

    Classwork (6–13, 22–24, 26–38)

    Exit Quiz


    Lesson 4.6 (legs of an isosceles triangle, vertex angle, base angles, isosceles triangle theorem, properties of equilateral triangle)

    Classwork (9–24, 46–67)


    Lesson 4.7 (transformation, preimage, image, congruence transformation, isometry, reflection, translation, rotation)

    Lesson 4.8 (coordinate geometry)


    Test on Lesson 4.1-4.6
    Study Guide (Part 2)-This is the packet that I gave you on 4.7 & 4.8
    Here's a few additional practice proofs: http://www.letspracticegeometry.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/proofs-involving-congruent-triangles.pdf


    Chapter Project

    **ALL Projects must be handed in before the Winter Break via hardcopy/email by December 23rd 12 PM (if out of state for the holidays). NO LATE Assignments will be accepted as students were given a month's notice for this project.