• Chapter 3 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

    identify the relationship between two lines or planes
    name angle pairs formed by parallel lines and transversals
    use theorems to determine the relationships between specific pairs of angles
    use algebra to find angle measurements
    find slopes of lines
    use slope to identify parallel and perpendicular lines
    write an equation of a line given information about the graph
    solve problems by writing equations
    recognize angle pairs that occur with parallel lines
    prove that two lines are parallel
    find the distance between a point and a line
    find the distance between two parallel lines
    Define the (vocabulary) in your notebooks, include examples

    Please feel free to write down/download the powerpoint presentations or use the book in conjunction with the videos

    Lesson 3.1- Define: (Parallel lines ,Parallel planes , Skew lines ,Transversal , Interior angles , Exterior angles , Consecutive interior angles , Alternate interior/exterior angles , Corresponding angles)

    Classwork: 13–37, 46, 48–63


    Lesson 3.2- view lesson and take notes

    Classwork: 11–26, 42–44, 46–61 (plus exit quiz (3.1-3.2))


    Lesson 3.3- Define: (slope, rate of change)

    Lesson 3.4- Define: (slope-intercept form, point slope form) 

    Classwork: 12–39, 52–55, 57–74 (plus exit quiz (3.3))

    Classwork: 13–42, 56–73


    Lesson 3.5- view lesson and take notes

    Classwork: 8–30, 37–40, 42–57 (plus exit quiz (3.4-3.5))


    Lesson 3.6-Define: (equidistance)-Click on link below for directions


    Complete Part 1 of your study guide: Study Guide: Part 1 Review (Proofs)

    Classwork: Study Guide Part 2


    Test on 3.1-3.6 (Part 1- Four Proofs, Part 2-Multiple Choice)

    Parallel Line Project due (Dec 1st at 1:00PM for all blocks) - Project must be submitted via google classroom.


    Parallel Line Project due(Dec 1st at 1:00PM for all blocks)