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    September 6 & 7 
    CP: SGO Assessment
    HW: Complete Class Contract & Geometry Pre-Assessment
    September 8-15
    CP: Folder & Review Pre-Assessment
    HW: Please have a three ring binder/notebook, graph paper (optional), and two pencils
             Please login to the online text book to make sure it works for you.  
    September 18&19-TEST

    Link to online textbook ->      http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com

    Username: geofall1s

    Password: geofa002
    Google Classroom:
    1) Go to classroom.google.com 
    2) Sign in with your student google account. (ex: first.last@wtsdnj.com)
    3) Click on plus sign next to your login name
    4) Choose join a class
    5) Enter the class ID: (A days)- b30lqb  (B days) - jbgk9ei