• Student Assistance Counselor
    What is a Student Assistance Counselor ?
    A Student Assistance Counselor (SAC) is exactly what it sounds like- a counselor who assists students ! 
    A SAC has many functions but its main goal is to work with students who are experiencing difficulties in various parts of their lives. These issues may be personal and they may be affecting the student socially, academically, or both. A SAC will help a student address various issues and make informed decisions. A SAC is an integral part of the support system in place to provide the best learning environment for each student.
    Due to the nature of the job, my theoretical orientation is solution focused. I provide resources, referrals and intervention services to help the student get the assistance they may need.
    A SAC is a mandated reporter. This means that if a student reports any sort of abuse or neglect, suicidal or homicidal ideation, this will be taken seriously and the proper protocol will be followed.
    A SACs work is aligned with the goals and beliefs of Woodbridge Township School District.