• The District Honors Band was founded in 2012 in order bring together the finest musicians from all three Woodbridge Township High Schools into one advanced level ensemble.  Not only does this ensemble give the students a chance to collaborate with students from other schools, but it also enables them to perform advanced level pieces that they wouldn't typically have the opportunity to perform. 
    Guest conductors:
    2015, Dr. David Vickerman, Director of Bands at TCNJ
    2016, Darryl Bott, Professor at Rutgers University
    2017, Dr. Thomas McCauley from Montclair State University.
    2018, Nicholas Santoro, Conductor of the Central Jersey Wind Ensemble
    2019, Todd Nichols, Professor at Rutgers University
    Honors Band Schedule (All rehearsals are 6:30-9pm unless otherwise noted)

    December 20th- Reading Rehearsal 6:30 - 9PM at JFK

    Jan 7th - 6:30 - 9PM at JFK

    Jan 23rd  - 6:30 - 9PM at JFK

    Feb 2nd(Saturday) 10 – 3:30 - Professor Nichols comes at 1:00 at WHS

    Feb 6th - 6:30 - 9PM at WHS

    Feb 13th Dress Rehearsal 6:30-9? at CHS

    Feb 15th- 7:00 Performance at CHS. Quick rehearsal 6pm

    Feb 21st- Board of Education meeting at AMS. 6:30 performance

    2018 Honors Band Members from Colonia HS
    Archna Mahendru 12 Flute/ Piccolo
    Kristine Farley 12 Flute
    Neha Nichakawade 10 Clarinet
    Renee Mariner 10 Clarinet
    Jacob Ramos 12 Bassoon
    Jaden Riveles 12 Alto
    Alexander Francisco 12 Bari Sax
    Stephanie Parmelee 11 Trumpet
    James Tapia 11 Trumpet
    Julia Irizarry 11 Trombone
    Abigail Muccilli 12 Trombone
    Brandon Wiese 11 Baritone TC
    Jason Weber 11 Tuba
    Carina Seabra 10 Electric Bass
    Andrew Nilsson 11 Mallets/ Drums
    Lili Ramos 12 Percussion