Block 1: Physical Education - Grade 9 (Health - Cycle 2 Begins 10/7/19)

    Block 2: Physical Education - Grade 9 (Health - Cycle 2 Begins 10/7/19)

    Block 3: Professional Period  

    Block 4: Physical Education - Grade 9

    **Please View Attached Video For Additional Information:

    Phys Ed. Video

    Topics on video and approximate time on video: 

    Absences - 1:25

    Grading Policy - 230

    Prepared - 3:15

    Cool Weather - 3:30

    Participation - 4:00

    Fitness Testing and Final Exam - 5:45

    Valuables / Lockers - 7:20

    Medicals - 7:50

    Health topics for all grade levels -8:50


    Physical Education:

    All students should prepare for the Fitness Testing which will be done throughout the cycle. The tests include: Sit and Reach (flexibility), Sit-ups (core strength), Shuttle Run (agility/quickness), Pull-ups / Push-ups or Flexed arm hang (upper body strength) and One Mile Run (endurance).

    *Remember to be prepared each day to participate.  Also BE PREPARED TO GO OUTSIDE. (Sweatshirts / Sweatpants)

    ** If you are absent, the student is responsible to write a one page essay on "Topic of the Day" which is posted on the P.E. Office door and on my 'Homework" page. Please see me if you have any questions.

    (Inclement Weather- indoor activity -Re-Test Fitness Tests)