• portrait and cat
    Cardboard masks introduced on Nov. 3 will continue with color sketches, approval of sketches. Fabricating masks will begin on Monday, Nov. 10. 
    Cardboard fabrication demo on Nov. 10.
    You may use any subject for a theme: cartoon character, action hero, portrait of a real person, caricature, animal, supernatural being. 
    Students will fabricate cardboard masks using a minimum of 6 layers of cardboard.
    Plaster cloth will be applied when appropriate.
    Gesso will be applied prior to painting in color.
    Acrylic paint, pastel, color pencil will be applied using original journal sketches as a reference.
    Final grades will be assessed based on:
    • craftsmanship, integrity of construction
    • complexity of design 
    • application of color
    • number of and application of additional textures and appendages (i.e., horns, hair, feathers, buttons, fabric, anything else you can add to bring itto life)
    Your progress on Nov. 12 will be assessed and entered into First Marking Period grades.