• Spanish Honor Society


    Advisors: Mrs. Goros & Mrs. Gardella

     PURA VIDA Bracelet Fundraiser - Ends 10/30/19!
    • 9/11- There will be a member for all existing members of the Spanish Honor Society on Friday, 9/13, in Room 212 at 7:15 AM. If you cannot attend please see Mrs. Goros or Mrs. Gardella.
    • 10/4, Friday - Meeting for existing members of the Spanish Honor Society, at 7:15 AM in Room 21
    • 10/11, Friday - Existing members will call the names of the new inductees in the AM
    • 10/24, Thursday - Hispanic Heritage Month Event at 6 PM; Spanish Honor Society will be selling PuraVida Bracelets.
    • 10/25, Friday - Practice for Spanish Honor Society Induction Ceremony (Bl. 1 in the Auditorium); Dues for new inductees are due!
    • 10/28, Monday - Practice for Spanish Honor Society Induction Ceremony (Bl. 2 in the Auditorium)
    • 10/29, Tuesday - Spanish Honor Society Induction Ceremony (6:30-7:30 PM) in the Auditorium; Students must arrive by 6 PM in Cafeteria 1
    • 10/30, Wednesday - PuraVida Bracelet Fundraiser ends.
    • 11/20, Wednesday - Meeting for ALL members of the Spanish Honor Society, at 7:15 AM in Room 212.
    • 11/21, Thursday - Meeting for ALL members (that can't make it to 11/20 meeting) of the Spanish Honor Society, after school in Room 212.
  • The Constitution and Bylaws

    Of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

    Colonia High School Chapter

    Colonia, NJ


    Article I. Name and Classification


    Section 1. The name of this organization is the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, also

    known as the Spanish National Honor Society and shall be referred to in this document as "the Society."


    Section 2. The purpose of the Society is to recognize high achievement in Spanish and

    by students of secondary schools and to promote continuity of interest in Hispanic studies.


    Article II. Qualifications for Membership


    Section 1. To be eligible for the Society, students must meet all of the following


    a. Student must complete two years of Spanish, beyond level II.

    b. Student must have A- average in all Spanish classes.

    c. Transfer students must have spent one full semester in the program before

    being eligible.

    d. Student must never have failed a class due to attendance.


    Section 2. A Spanish teacher will nominate eligible students.


    Article III. Application and Initiation


    Section 1. Advisors will review grades from Guidance for all students that have completed two years of Spanish, beyond level II and invite eligible students to the society.


    Section 2. Initiation letters will be distributed in October by advisors.


    Section 3. Initiation Ceremony will be held in October.


    Article IV. Qualifications for Continued Membership


    Section 1. Each year members must engage in an activity from each of the following

    categories: Academic Commitment and Community Commitment.


    Section 2. Academic commitment may be defined in part as the following: current

    enrollment in a Spanish class or maintenance of an overall GPA of B- or better.


    Section 3. Community Commitment may be defined in part as participating in the

    following: Leading a Foreign Language Week activity or tutoring a CHS student.


    Section 4. Student must display integrity, honesty, leadership, seriousness of purpose, cooperation, service and commitment to others, and good moral character at all times. Consequently, student must have a clean disciplinary record.


    Article V. Dues and Fees


    Section 1. One time dues of $10 at initiation.


    Article VI. Insignia


    Section 1. The insignia of the Society is the official one of the AATSP, as represented

    on the certificates which may be awarded for excellence in Spanish.


    Section 2. The seal of the AATSP is the official seal of the Society, and it may be used

    in conjunction with any other seal upon approval of the National Council.


    Section 3. The motto of the Society is: Todos a una.


    Section 4. The colors of the Society are red and gold.


    Section 5. The flower of the Society is the carnation.


    Article VII. Elections and Duties of Officers


    Section 1. There will be 2 officers for the Society: President and Secretary.


    Section 2. Officers are appointed by the advisor(s) based on the merit and level of

    commitment the students have shown throughout the year.


    Section 3. The duties of the officers are as follows: attendance at all meetings, serve

    as exemplars for other members of the Society and the CHS community, lead the initiation ceremony.


    Article VIII. Meetings


    Section 1. Meetings are to be regularly scheduled by the advisors.


    Article Emergency Bylaws


    Section 1. Additional regulations for facilitating the government of the Society and the

    activities of the Chapters may be prepared by the National Council whenever the

    exigencies for such regulations may arise.


    Section 2. Dues may be initiated at the beginning of each year to be determined by

    the advisors and the board of officers.