•  World History & Cultures II



    Course Procedures and Requirements


    Course begins with the Progressive Era and spans most of the twentieth century.


    Grade consists of 50% minor assessment including: homework, class work, quizzes, class participation, etc. Major assessment makes up the other 50% which included tests, projects, film reviews, etc.


    The course uses many tools to interpret its content including: Internet projects, PowerPoint presentations, and various film clips/movies.


    Film reviews play a essential role in this course. Students will review films critically and type a reaction paper using the provided film review guidelines. They will also relate their papers to their text and class discussions.


    Participation plays a very important role in this course. Students are strongly encouraged to do the readings, offer their constructive opinions, and answer all questions.


    Students must purchase a three ring binder or a notebook with a folder to take notes and organize all handouts and assignments.



    Classroom Rules




    Be prepared for class on a daily basis: notebooks, textbooks, pens, pencils, etc. Frequently unprepared students will receive a poor participation grade.


    Be on time for class, on time means in your seat.  2 lates= detention, 4 lates=suspension, 6 lates= loss of credit. Remain in your seat, working until the class is over. Never line up by the door!!!!

    Do not bring food or drinks into class at anytime.


    Keep your desk and surrounding area clean!!!


    Cell Phones, I pods, or any electronic devices are prohibited. No exceptions!!!!!!!! Devices will be confiscated and administrative action will be taken.


    Respect your classmates, their opinions, and their contributions. 

    The   classroom is a professional learning environment.  In order for all of us to engage in the material and to reach our full potential, we all must feel safe and comfortable in our surroundings.  Despite our individual differences, we can all learn from each other.  Intolerance and denigrating your fellow classmates will not be tolerated and will result in administrative action.



    Disruptive behavior or the use of profanity will result in administrative action immediately.


    Sleeping during class and especially during films is unacceptable, poor participation grades will follow.


    Film Viewing Policy:


    All films shown in this class will serve an educative function and will not simply be an opportunity for “nap time.”  Films will be directly connected to something we are doing in class or some particular assignment/activity.  Failure to engage in the film and connected activity will be reflected in your class participation grade.  Please be advised that not every film I show in class will be available through Netflix or you tube, so paying attention is critical!



    Submission of written work and presentations policy:

    All film reviews, major papers, and compositions will be typed. No exceptions!!!!!! All work must be submitted on time. You can submit the hardcopy to me on the date it is due or you can submit the paper to me electronically through my email Jason.Parry@woodbridge.k12.nj.us.   By the date it is due. Emailing is an option, but remember that technology is not always reliable.  If you tell me that you were unable to turn something in because of email issues, this is not an acceptable response.  Saving it on a flash drive and printing it out here is also an option, but always anticipate any technological problems.  If you have a presentation due in which you use PowerPoint or some other computer program, you must make sure it is compatible to the programs we have in school or you must bring in your laptop. Do not wait until the last minute to check and see if your presentation works, if it does not work by the date it is due it will be considered late. In other words do not procrastinate, get your work done early, try it in school, and if it is not compatible make the necessary changes to correct it.


              If you are absent you must see me for your work. If you know in advance you are going to be absent also see me for your work. You will be given the standard amount of time to hand in your work. It is your responsibility to get any missed notes from a classmate.  If you are absent the day of a test, you must talk to me so that we can find a convenient time for you to make up the work.  You will not make up a test during class sessions because you will miss that day’s activities!


    ***Check School wires daily for classroom activities, project deadlines, and daily homework!!!



    Bathroom Policy:


    Only one student at a time will be excused to use the bathroom.  You must sign-out before taking the bathroom pass and must sign-in upon your return to class.  No one will be issued a bathroom pass during the first ten and the last ten minutes of the period!  Do not abuse your bathroom privileges.  If I notice that you want to use the bathroom every day during my class, or if the “revolving door syndrome” starts to take place, I will assume that you just want to leave my class.  Do not ask to use the bathroom more than once per week.


    Class Participation

    Your participation in this class is evaluated by the following criteria: a) you are prepared for class with all necessary materials, b) that you are seated by the time the bell rings and remain seated until the period ends, c) that you remain active and attentive through class activities, d) that you do not spend time napping or sleeping, and e) that you actually contribute to class discussions and “let your voice be heard.”  If you are a respectful student who follows all of the above guidelines, it is unreasonable to expect an A for class participation. Because this class is heavily based on discussion, it will be nearly impossible for you to gain the full effect of the course if you never contribute on a regular basis.  If you are the type of student who is respectful, diligent in their work and studies, yet never speaks, the best grade you can expect to earn for class participation will be a C.




    Current Events


    As a responsible well-informed citizen, one should always be very knowledgeable on current events in both our immediate area (Woodbridge Township, NJ, etc.) and our global society. I will discuss these events daily in class and I expect for you to contribute in class discussions and offer your opinions on the various topics. Being unable to offer an opinion means one of two things: you either don’t care about what is going on around you, or you have not done the proper reading or research. Both of which are unacceptable and will lead to poor class work and class participation grades. The more informed that you are will lead you to being a more productive, responsible citizen.  On occasion, students will be asked to submit current event articles relating to topics being discussed in class. These articles will be accompanied by a one page summary.