Course Description: This art elective expands on the experience and knowledge of all skills encompassed in Introduction to Visual Art and 2-D design.  Students will learn new skills and apply previous art experience and knowledge to more complex problems geared to working and building in three-dimension.  This course is designed for students with various skill levels. Students will be introduced to the theories, processes, and elements of perception and visual design in a three-dimensional situation. Problems will be geared to problem solving rather than object making. Problem solving will consist of relating visual elements to volumetric forms in space by experimenting with various materials.  This elective offers experiences in a variety of materials and mediums specific to three-dimensional design. Students will have the opportunity to develop competence in a variety of mediums. Historical, Modern and Contemporary art exemplars will serve as motivation and inspiration for creative work and provide cultural insight to society and the world at large.


    Required prerequisite – Introduction to Visual Art