• HST 101/102   


    Week of March 2nd:  
    Monday: Introduction to Imperialism
    Complete Antonia Book I
    Tuesday: Intorduction to the 14 Readings of Imperialism
    Wednesday: Group Discussions: 14 Readings of Imperialism
    Groups 1 & 4 Presentations - Hawaii
    Thursday: Groups 2 & 5 Presentations - Cuba
    groups 3 & 6 Presentations - Philippines
    Friday: Complete Imperialism Discussion
    Complete Antonia Book II Chapters 1 - 8
    Week of March 9th:  
    Monday: Introduction to Progressivism
    Tuesday: Analyze & Discuss Progressivism Primary Sources
    Wednesday: Complete Progressivism Discussion
    Complete Antonia Book III
    Thursday: Introduction to Teddy Roosevelt
    Friday: Analyze & Discuss "The Jungle"
    Week of March 16th:  
    Monday: Complete Antonia Books IV & V
    Chapter 21 Quiz
    Tuesday: Introduction to Woodrow Wilson and World War I
    Wednesday: Exam I Part I
    Thursday: Exam I Part II
    Friday: Review Jews without Money Chapters 1 - 5