• Questions That students and Teachers will  be using in class to discuss the topics:
    Discuss what happens when: How would your define:
    How is(are): How would you recognize:
    How would you identify: List the in order:
    Power Words:
    choose, How circle identify, count, know, define, label,m describe list, find, locate, match, quote, memorize, read, name, recall,outline, recite, pick, recognize, point to , record, repeat, state, retrieve, study, say, tell, select, underline, show, view, spell, what, state, whenm study,where, tell, which, underline, who, view, why, what, write
    Elaborate on:  How can you describe/ How would you clarify the meaning of? How would you compare contrast? How would you differentiate between-and -? How would you express? How would you generalize? How would you identify? What can you infer from? What can you say about? What did you observe? What is the main idea of? What would happen if? Will you restate?
    Power words: Add , compare, approximate, communicate, articulate, comprehend, associate, conclude, calculate, contrast, categorize, construct, characterize, define, clarify, demonstrate, describe extend, discuss extrapolate, distinguish, factor, elaborate, generalize, estimate, give, example,m identify,explain, illustrate, express, infer, instantiate, paraphrase, interact, predict, interpolate, relate, interpret, rephrase, map, report, match, represent, model, restate, observe, retell,