• 2D Spring 2020

    Room 108

    Block 3



    Course Expectations & Rules:


    • Be on time EVERYDAY (Every two lates result in a write up).
    • Be prepared for class. Bring a pencil and sketchbook to every class.
    • If you do not bring a pencil to class and you need to borrow one you will put your phone in the jar on my desk for the same amount of time you have my pencil.
    • You will be respectful towards one another, all materials and myself.
    • All assignments are to be completed on time. Any late work will result in a late grade.
    • When you arrive to class place all of your belongings under the table and out of the way from being tripped over. 
    • If you do not finish an assignment during class you may take it home to work on it.
    • There will be no working on homework from other classes.  
    • All Colonia High School rules apply in the art room. 
    • If you have a question raise your hand.  No calling out or yelling will be responded to. 
    • Do not go through the cabinets.  If you need a specific material ask for it.
    • One student is allowed out to the bathroom at a time. When you leave to go to the bathroom you must put your cell phone in the jar on my desk.



    • Cell phones must remain in pockets. 
    • Headphones are allowed ONE in at a time only when teacher allows. Not permitted during teacher instruction or demonstration. 
    • Chromebooks are ONLY to be used if you are directed or you are searching for a reference image for your project.
    • Anything unrelated to this class being done on your Chromebook during class time will result in losing the privledge to use the device in class.




    • Bring a pencil with an eraser to class EVERYDAY.  If you prefer you may bring a box of pencils and I will keep them locked in my desk with your name on them.  (Forgetting to bring a pencil to class will result in loss of participation)
    • 1 Sketchbook – 8-1/2 x 11 - can be purchased at Michaels, A.C. Moore, Staples, etc. (If there are any issues getting a sketchbook please come see me). Spiral bound works best.


    • Major Assessments:
      • Project Grades
      • Written/Research Assignments
    • Minor Assessment Benchmark Grading System:
      • A (100) Met or exceeded project benchmark
      • B (91) Minor adjustments or work is required to meet project benchmark
      • C (82) Up to half a class period of additional time is needed to meet project benchmark
      • D (73) A full additional class period is needed to meet project benchmark
      • F (63) More than one additional class period is needed to meet project benchmark
      • F (0) Student is behind and has not attempted to meet project benchmark



    If there are any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. 

    (E-mail works best!)