• Music played during the school year for the students to understand better the concepts.  All of these songs are found in you tube:

    1. The Spanish Alphabet                             9. Some like Stem Changing Verbs                           17. Vamos a Bailar
    2. The Mochila Song                                  10. Reflexive Verbs                                                  18. Tengo que lavar la ropa
    3. Dora La Exploradora                              11. The Verb To Go                                                 19. La Ropa
    4.-Ar Verb Conjugation Song                      12. Gangham Style - Conjugating Verbs                     20. Colores, Colores
    5. El Telefono Suena                                 13. Ser vs Estar                                                       21. Arco Iris
    6. Buenos Dias                                         14. Good Times- Indirect Object Pronouns                  22. Clothing Song
    7. Spanish Colors                                      15. Conjugation Back                                               23. Thanksgiving Songs
    8. Numbers and colors in Spanish               16. Feliz Navidad                                                     24. Las Mananitas
    25. Las Pascuas songs                              26. Mama Te Quiero Song                                         27. Call Me Maybe- Present Progressive Verbs
    There will be others listed as we are progressing with our lessons during the semester.