Mrs. Miller

    Expectations for Chemistry 

    • Supplies: the following must be brought to class everyday
      • Notebook/ folder
      • Pen/ pencil
    • Classwork and Homework
      • Homework is always due to following day unless otherwise stated
      • Any classwork that is not finished in class is due the following day. I will not ask for it – you must remember to hand it in
      • Homework is either checked or collected – I will let you know beforehand
    • Laboratories
      • Typically there is one laboratory per chapter covered. If you are absent the day of a lab, you will be assigned a lab simulation to be completed online within two days (check the School Wires Calendar) 
    • Quizzes and Tests
      • All quizzes and tests will be announced prior, as well as the topics covered
      • Formal or informal reviews will be given prior to tests
      • If you are absent the day of a test, you will make it up upon returning to school.
    • Absences and makeup work
      • You must get the notes from a classmate
      • See me for any handouts you may have missed. I will not come find you – it’s your responsibility
      • Makeup work must be turned in within two days of the absenc 
    • Grading:
      • Tests and major assessments – 50%
      • Labs and Quizzes – 25%
      • Homework and classwork – 25%
      • Grades can be accessed via Genesis
    • Textbook can be accessed online – see my School Wire 

    Please try to keep yourself organized. Remember to ask questions if you don’t understand any topic! See SchoolWires if you have any questions about assignments.