• Spanish 1R and 1 S Syllabus:                                  Patricia C. Del Portal
    Course Title: Spanish 1
    Telephone:      732-499-6500
    Textbook: Avancemos
    Materials for Spanish Class:
                 3 Subject Notebook only for this class
                 Spanish to English Dictionary recommended( Library)
                 Enroll in Classzone.com(recommended)
    Course Description:
    This course is an introduction to the Spanish Language. Students perform the most basic of functions of the language and become familiar with some of the elements of its culture. It is based on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills which promote meaningful language practice.
    Course Objective:
    Understand words and short phrases
    Recognize the difference between basic formal and informal language
    Understand verbal tasks and complete them
    Hear and identify the main idea and some detail of short stories.
    Request repetition of spoken language as necessary
    Express common greetings, farewell, simple phrases, questions
    Express Likes and dislikes
    Describe vocabulary and grammatical structure
    Read orally and for comprehension
    Be able to talk in small conversation
    Recognize the alphabet
    Cognate recognition to understand print text
    Describe likes and dislikes,
    compare and contrast
    Ask and answer questions dealing with each unit topic
    Spanish is the language that will be used most of the time during the course. The educator will try to use the Spanish Language when lecturing, depending on the students  understanding the discussion.
    The educator expects the students to ask and answer questions in Spanish rather than in English.
    In the classroom there will be many different practices of learning instruction:
    Power Point Presentations
    Reading of texts
    Small group
    Total Physical Response
    Answering questions
    Students will have homework every night and it is Due the next day.
    It is your responsibility to makeup work that is missing.  The educator will be in room 218 after school if by chance you did not copy it down from the agenda board, or it can be found on the school wires under homework.
    If the homework is not handed in, it will be considered a zero.  It is vital that you do participate in working on each individual homework.
    In class instruction will be either reading text, asking questions for comprehension, workbook pages, and use of the computer to do power points.
    Presentations and or evaluations
    Spanish Notebook
    Final Exams
     Final Assessment
    Power Points

    Students should always be on time in class seated before the bell rings.
    Students should be ready doing their bell work before the educator comes in from the bell ringing.
    If you are tardy be expected to show a pass and if no pass expect to be written up.
    Students Expectations:
    Follow directions the first time they are given
    No personal conversations with each other. You have come here to learn.
    Be respectful to teachers, and peers.
    Be in your seat ready to learn.
    Come to class prepared. Bring in your notebook, textbook, and pens or pencils with dictionary.
    No vandalism, profanity.
    No gum chewing, water, and or foods.
    No hats, IPod, I phones, phones, electronic games, dice, etc.
    You are to remain in your seats unless permitted otherwise.
    Note: A students will be removed from class for serious and continued discipline policy infractions.
                                                                                                                               Course may be Subject to change
    September- October 2014-2015                                                                                                         November- December 2014-2015
    Greet Others                                                                                                                                         Verb Tener
    Introduce yourself                                                                                                                                   Present Tense -ar verbs
    Say where you are from                                                                                                                         The verb Estar
    talk about activities                                                                                                                                 The Verb Ir
    Say what you like and do not like                                                                                                           Gustar with nouns
    Identify People and things                                                                                                                       Present Tense of Er- Ir verbs
    Describe Yourself and others                                                                                                                  Possessive Adjectives
    Subject pronouns and ser                                                                                                                       Comparatives
    Gustar with an infinitive                                                          Final Exams
    Definite and indefinite articles
    Noun adjective agreement