• Summer is arriving so quick, but I am already working on a Syllabus for Next Year Spanish 2 R School Year.  This will be completed by July.
    For now enjoy your Time off and hope to see you September 2015.
                                                                                    Patricia C. Del Portal
                                                                                           2015-2016 School Year
    Course Title: Spanish 2R
    Educator: Patricia C. Del Portal
    E-mail: Patricia.delportal@wtsdnj.com
                Patricia. delportal@woodbridge.k12.nj.us
    Telephone: 732-499-6500
    Textbook: Avancemos Level 2
    Materials for Spanish Class:
    1 -3 subject notebook for Spanish
    2. Spanish to English dictionary recommended(library)
    3. Pens, pencils
    Course Description:
    This course is a continuation to Spanish language. Students will perform the a more advanced functions of the language and become familiar with topics and elements of the Spanish culture. The emphasis is based on the development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills which promotes meaningful language practices.
    Course Objective: Mid Advanced Expected Outcome
     Understand words, phrases, paragraphs, commercials, music
    Understand verbal tasks and complete them
    Hear and identify the main idea and some detail of short stories, music, commercials
    Request repetition of spoken language as necessary
    Express likes, dislikes
    Express Likes, dislikes in Food, Clothing, Season
    Ask and Answer questions using more advanced words and phrases
    Retell a story, music lyrics, commercials
     Engage in conversation and discussion in Spanish
    Recognize Cognates
    use contextual clues to help understand unfamiliar print words and phrases
    Use visual clues, cognates, and borrowed words to make meaning of unfamiliar words
    Describe likes and dislikes in clothing, foods, sports, season, weather,
    Ask and Answer questions with the topic being discussed
    Memorize phrases
    Language of instruction:
    Spanish is the language that will be used most of the time during  the course. The educator will make every effort to use Spanish when lecturing, asking questions and responding: the students are expected to make every effort possible to do the same. It may be hard at the beginning but as the course progress hopefully it will be consistent.
    Instructional strategies and approaches:
    Listening comprehension
    Analyze Material
    Collaborative Tasks
    Small Group Instruction
    Writing, Speaking, and Listening
    All assignments are Due on the Due Date. If you are absent, make sure you read what is listed here on school wires to keep track with those missing assignments.
    It is your Responsibility to make up work that is missing.
    Homework :
    Every day there will be a homework assignment, whether it is to study, a worksheet, and or a power point presentation.
    Students are expected to come to class prepared to participate in oral and written work based on assignments. Oral as well as written participation make up part of your final grade.
    Homework, Textbook, workbook pages, power point, projects
    Spanish Notebook
    Quizzes, Tests
     Computer Lab work
    Final Exam
    Students should come on time and prepared.  In case of an absence it is the students responsibility to make up all work that is missed. The students might feel need to stay after school if needed.  They should be responsible to make an appointment, with the educator when this happens.
    Students who will be tardy for Spanish class, need to present a tardy slip before coming in to the class. If there is no tardy slip, the students will be marked down as late and be written up as needed.
    A students will be removed from class for serious and continued discipline policy infractions.
    Course may be subject to Change;
    September- October 2014- 2015
    Telephone Conversation
    Stem Changing verbs
    Foods, Likes Dislikes
    The verb Almorzar, Pensar Desayunar Cenar
    November- December 2014-2015
    Celebrations Present Progressive Verbs, Past Tense Verbs
    Healthy Living, Sports
    January 2015
    Review for Final Exams