• Colonia High School Performing Arts

    Teacher:  Stephanie Platko

    Grade Level: 10-12

    Course:  Theater Arts II

    Course Description:  This course offers a deeper study of acting technique and performance.  Students will learn advanced acting skills as well as the understanding and use of acting methods by renowned actors and directors. Students will take part in duet, small groups, and whole class performances as well as monologues.  These scenes will be from a variety of contemporary playwrights, however students will read scripts from different historical eras in theater history.

    Grading Procedures: 50% of your grade will be comprised of Minor Assessment grades including weekly participation grades (see below for grading requirements), technique exercises, student led warm ups, assigned reading responses, rehearsal coachings, and rehearsal journals.  The other 50% of your grade will be comprised of Major Assessments including all performances and script reports.

    Homework Policy: Work is due at the beginning of the block.  No late work is accepted without penalty unless there is an excused absence from school.  Assignments which are 1 day late are subject to a 10 point deduction. If the student fails to hand in the assignment the following day, the assignment will be given a grade of 50.  Once the assignment is a week late or more, the assignment will no longer be accepted and the student will receive a zero. Please be aware that being absent on a day that an assignment is due does not mean you do not have to hand it in on that day.   In the event of an absence, you have two options: 1. Your parent/guardian may bring in the assignment and leave it in my mailbox in the main office, or 2. You may email me with your assignment. If you bring the assignment in the day you return, it will still be subject to my late work policy.

    Make Up Work Policy: As per district regulation, students are given 2 days per day absent to make up all assignments.  It is your responsibility as the student to find out what you missed on that day. Your syllabus should be helpful in keeping you on track.  All handouts will be placed in the folder on the bulletin board behind my desk. Upon arrival to class, you may pick up anything from the folder that you may have missed.  All assignments are posted to schoolwires each Monday for the week. Notes, powerpoints, etc… will also be posted to schoolwires.

    Extra Credit:  Students may earn extra credit by seeing a theatrical production or being a part of a theatrical production in or out of school. It is beneficial that you see any and all theater as opportunities arise.  See me for viewing opportunities as well as some great Broadway Discounts. Additional extra credit may be earned by bringing in tissues or hand sanitizer. All extra credit is worth 5 points and may be added to any Minor Assessment grade.

    Assigned Readings:  Uta Hagen’s Respect for Acting, Uta Hagen’s Challenge for the Actor, The Essential Theater

    Journals:  Journals (completed on Google Classroom) are to be written in everyday during the last 10 minutes of class to correspond with the work completed in class or to respond to a prompt.  This is a place to record rehearsal discoveries, interesting information learned, ideas for the next rehearsal, evaluations of viewed performances, self evaluations, etc… These will be checked monthly.

    Daily Warm Ups:  Each student will be required to lead warms ups on a rotating basis.  Scheduling will be assigned during the first week of classes.

    Participation: Participation is based on weekly performance in class.  Unexcused absences and absences due to disciplinary action impact negatively on participation grades; 1 point per day will be deducted.

    100% - Individual risk taking, active participation, good audience etiquette

    90% - Group participation, good audience etiquette

    80% - Limited participation, ok audience etiquette

    70% - Poor audience etiquette

    50% - Disruptive and/or unwilling to participate

    Final Exam:  The final exam for this class is solely performance based.  The student will select, analyze, memorize, and perform two contrasting monologues (1 to 2 minutes in length each) in order to participate in a Mock Audition.  Students will also be required to write a theatrical resume and present a headshot (photograph) for their audition.

    Required Materials:  

    3 Ring Binder

    College Ruled paper

    Tabbed Dividers with Labels for 3 sections:  Notes, Handouts, Scripts

    Plastic Sheet protectors




    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Be on time – you must be near your seat by the time the bell rings to be counted as present.  Running through the door as the bell rings does not count as being on time!
    2. Be prepared with your notebook, any scripts/scenes/worksheets and something to write with. Not being prepared for class will result in a lower daily participation grade.
    3. No food or drink in my classroom. You may bring water to class.  No Gatorade or Vitamin Water – only PLAIN water!!! No GUM during ANY performance unless it is a character choice.
    4. Electronic device usage will be determined on a case by case basis.  Usage of such devices will be limited to research within and for class assignments or as props within a scene ONLY.  Personal usage on class time will be subject to disciplinary action as per district policy.
    5. Watch your language – foul language, swearing, cursing, and derogatory statements are considered offensive and disrespectful not only to me but to your fellow classmates.  If I have to speak with you multiple times regarding this rule, a call will be made to your house to discuss it further with your parent(s) or guardian(s).
    6. Respect each other – this includes respecting other people’s space and property as well as respecting them as a person.  
    7. Remember your theater/audience etiquette.  
    8. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be disciplined according to district policy.
    9. In order to be able to use the restroom, you must hand in your cell phone.
    10. You must remain in the seating area until the bell rings, do not venture past my desk towards the door.  

    Attitude and Attendance:  This is one of the most important areas in Theater Arts Class.  Because this is a performance based class, it is very important that you are supportive of each other and maintain a positive attitude at all times.  You will be working in groups for many assignments, so it is important to try to get along with everyone. Afterall, you are an ensemble and must perform as one this semester.  Regular attendance is EXTREMELY important. Each person’s participation is VITAL to the success of the group. Please make every attempt to limit absences in this class.