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    distinguished site  

    For the past four years, The Declaration Newspaper has been awarded the title of Distinguished Site by SNO. To achieve this honor, our paper must meet requirements to received each of the following badges. Colonia High is the only school in New Jersey to receive this honor. Of the 2,324 high school newspaper sites across the country that publish with SNO and apply for badges, Colonia High was among the 28 schools to achieve all six badges.

    Story Page Excellence Badge Continuous Coverage Site of Excellence Best of SNO   Engagement  Badge multimedia
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    Marking Period 1 Assignments
    • Widgets should be updated daily (school week)
    • Breaking news should be entered on designated days
    • Straight News article 
    • Choice Article (no Straight News) 
    • Students will select a section of the paper to be the editor of and will maintain that section by compiling topics, getting articles written, editing the articles for that section, captioning all pictures for their section, etc. 
    • Interactive story
    • Pairs will create a video story
    • Students will write for their section
    Marking period 2 Assignments
    Widgets should be updated daily (school week)
    Breaking news should be entered on designated days
    Article for section due
    Bring in 5 business cards
    Photo Essay
    Business Proposal
    Pulitzer prize poster
    Final Exam
    Portfolio Requirements:

    Using the website Seelio.com, students will create a portfolio of their newspaper article, video and photos.

    • All articles should have a captioned picture with photo credit
    • Portfolio should contain a bio and photo
    • Portfolio should reflect all of the work you completed this semester
    • Portfolio should be easy to navigate and all items should be labeled or categorized
    • Provide a hyperlink to the article on The Declaration site for each article
    • All articles should have a brief description that includes how you obtained the information to write this article