Homework Checklist for Feb. 18th – Feb. 29th        

    Choose 6 Language Arts activities to complete.  Work together as a family and most of all have fun learning! 

    Please checkmark the activities you chose, sign the bottom and send back to school on Monday, March 2nd   You can attach any written responses or photos of your activity, but that is optional.  

    Language Arts

    • Computer Fun-Play a game using this week’s spelling words on Spellingcity.com (search: cerreto week ___)
    • Tactile Spelling - Spell this week’s spelling words using clay, stamps, magnet letters, glue stick and glitter, or sand.
    • Magazine Hunt-Find this week’s spelling words in magazines. Cut out each word and paste them on a separate paper.
    • Reader’s Theater-Read a story with your family. Afterwards, reread it and act out one of the characters.
    • Seuss Read Aloud- Everyone in the family gets a Dr. Seuss Book. Take turns reading a story to each other.  Notice the nonsense words and rhymes!
    • Rhyme Time- Create Dr. Seuss rhyme cards. Get index cards.  On one card write a word.  On another card write a word that rhymes with the first card.  Do this with ten cards.  Mix them up and see if you can match the rhymes.
    • Travel to Seussville- Log onto Seussville.com and explore the Dr. Seuss website. It’s filled with games and activities.
    • How-To- Create a 4 step direction list on how to do something you know a lot about. Start each step with the following ordering words: First, Next, Then, Last.
    • Pronoun Picture- Create little pictures of a boy, a girl, a thing, a group of people. Label each picture with the name of the person or object.  On the back of the picture write the appropriate pronoun (he, she, it, them, us, etc.)
    • Moon Medley- Create a cut out model of the moon. Write one fact and one opinion about the moon on your moon picture.   

    Raz-Kids 20 min. each week 

    Monday- No School

    Tuesday- Math Homelinks 5.7

    Wednesday- Math Homelinks 5.8

    Thursday- Math Homelinks 5.9