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    Health 9:
       Topics of discussion include:  Health & Wellness; Healthy Relationships; Personality & Self-esteem; STI's(sexually transmitted infections); Infectious Diseases; Preventing    Violence/Bullying/Suicide; Drugs & Alcohol.
       Course Expectations: 
    • Every student starts with an A+.
    • Excessive absences will result in loss of credit, and you must repeat the course.  This class is a graduation requirement.  If absent, please check with the teacher for any missed assignments.
    • Tests count towards 50% of your grade; & homework, quizzes, and classwork count towards 50% of your grade.
    • Notebooks are required for this class.
    • Everyone is expected to participate & contribute in class activities & discussions every day.
    • No cell phones are permitted while in class; unless the teacher tells the students to access it for a particular lesson.
    • No food or drinks are permitted in class, except for water.   
     We will be adding 2-5 minutes of mindful meditation a few times a week before the start of each lesson.  
    Conditioning/Fitness:  The student will be able to:
    • Develop personal fitness goals.
    • Improve upon present physical fitness levels through various conditioning and mechanical techniques.
    • Increase strength and flexibility of the muscle joint system.
    • Increase strength of skeletal system.
    • Provide a means to control body weight and decrease body fat.
    • Develop a carry over desire for conditioning and/or a variety of lifetime activities.
    Learning Activities or Instructional Strategies:
    • Uniform and equipment check
    • Attendance
    • Stretching and calisthenics
    • Cardiovascular exercise
    • Skill instructional, rule review, safety precautions
    • Game play/activity will include, but not be limited to the following:  (mass recreational games) kickball, handball, wiffleball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, fitness walking, weight-room, football, tennis, hockey, ultimate frisbee
    • Fitness testing(pre/post)