•  JFK Engineering Students:


    All information concerning our course will be listed on Google Classroom.


    Happy Studies!

    ~ Ms. Finis



    Welcome Message for Students:

    Hello Class! 

    I look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you this year, be it in my Engineering or Chemistry courses. In either case, the 2019-2020 school year will be educational and fun, so get ready for a GREAT year!

    And remember - "dreams don't work unless you do", so work hard, be respectful, and always try your best. (James C. Maxwell)  


    Happy Studies!

    ~ Ms. Finis



    Google Classroom  - https://classroom.google.com/c/MjM5NjU3MDg0NTBa 


    About the Teacher:

    Ms. Finis is experienced in teaching mathematics, chemistry, and engineering courses at various levels (K-12) throughout the state of New Jersey.

    Outside of the realm of teaching, she also has years of experience in various engineering industries.

    Ms. Finis holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, with a Minor in Literature, and a Master's degree in Engineering Management, with a Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering.