• Lafayette Estates Elementary School 
    Anti-Bullying Specialist 

    Colleen McCabe
    Office 732-596-4143    Fax 732-346-0708

    Woodbridge Township Anti-Bullying Coordinator

    Vincent Soccodato
    Office 732-602-8561  Fax 732-750-0132

    To report an incident, use this link.

    Click here for the NJDOE 2016-2017 HIB self-evaluation grade


    All Title I Parents & Students are invited to attend the end of the year Title I meeting 

    Who: All Title I Parents, Students, and Teachers! 

    When:Wednesday, June 13, 2018 @ 9:30am or 4:15pm

    Where: Lafayette Estates 

    Why: Showcasing Language Arts strategies, literature, and learning activities for utilization over the summer to help your child(ren) succeed!



  • Welcome

    Lafayette Estates Elementary School creates and maintains an environment rich with opportunities that enable every student to reach his or her highest level of academic and social achievement as determined by state and national standards. We are a diverse, multicultural school, whose population of over 400 students, in kindergarten through grade five, are literate in over 27 different languages and hale from a multitude of nations. Community defines the school experience as students interact with the curriculum to become analytical, compassionate, creative and innovative individuals. While students discover and explore their interests, parents play and integral role in the home-school relationship which ensures a supportive school environment.

  •                      TreeRing Green Yearbook

    Based on this year's yearbook sales, Trees for the Future is planting 109 trees in the school's name. 
    2017 -2018 Staff
    Ms. Brady - KAMBR & KPMBR- Kindergarten         
    TBD - KPM- Kindergarten     
    Ms. Goodell -  1G- 1st grade          
    Ms. Horvath - 1H- 1st grade
    Ms. Mokar - 1M- 1st grade 
    Ms. Taylor - 1T - 1st grade
    Ms. Connolly - 1LD - 1st grade
    Ms. Amato - 2A - 2nd grade          
    Ms. Cappuccio - 2CA- 2nd grade    
    Ms. Coyle - 2C -2nd grade  
    Ms. Forman - 2F- 2nd Grade 
    Ms. Guerrerio -  3G -3rd Grade   
    Ms. Marotto - 3MA - 3rd Grade    
    Ms. Merker - 3M - 3rd Grade
    Ms. Napolitano - 3N - 3rd Grade
    Ms. Costa - 4C- 4th Grade
    Ms. Favor - 4F - 4th Grade
    Ms. Sherman - 4S - 4th Grade
    Ms. Herbeck - 5H - 5th Grade 
    Ms. Imbert - 5I -5th Grade 
    Mr. Martin -5M - 5th Grade
    Ms. Peitz - 5P- 5th grade
    Mr. Ackerman - Phys. Ed
    Ms. Johnson - Academic Coach
    Ms. Wirt - ASI
    Ms. Coleman - ASI
    Ms. Arvanites - Special Education
    Ms. Rivera - ESL
    Ms. Madden - Art
    Mr. Healy - Instrumental Music
    Ms. Donelan - Vocal Music
    Ms. McCabe -Guidance Counselor  
    Ms. Phells - Speech  
    Ms. Sullivan - Nurse  
    Ms. Orzechowski - Clerical Aide
    Ms. Harris - Chief Secretary
    Ms. West - Principal  


  • Principal:
    Stephanie L. West

    Built: 1960

    School #25's Mission Statement 

    Lafayette Estates Elementary School #25, a multicultural and diverse learning community, will create and maintain an environment rich with opportunities that enable every member to reach his or her highest level of academic and social achievement as determined by district, state and national standards. We commit to a system of support from the total school community to ensure this outcome

    School #25's Vision Statement 

    Lafayette Estates Elementary School #25 seeks to support the development of engaged young citizens responsible for their academic progress and character growth. 

    We commit to encouraging students to take individual responsibility and pride in their academic progress. 

    We commit to the implementation of a character education committee to unify students and staff in the development of character growth. 

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