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    Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy

    Student use of a cell phone or any electronic mobile device is strictly prohibited during an NJSLA test session.  No student is to be in possession of a cell phone or any electronic mobile device during an NJSLA session.  Possession of a cell phone or any electronic device during an NJSLA test session and/or use of that device to photograph and or transmit NJSLA test content will result in the Principal or his/her designee confiscating the cell phone or electronic mobile device and enforcing appropriate disciplinary action as outlined in the district's Student Code of Conduct.



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    Claremont Avenue School #20 is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment conducive to all students learning. Our highly-qualified faculty serves a diverse student body and strives to meet their academic, social, and emotional needs on a daily basis. Instruction is guided by well-planned, student-centered lessons that seek to engage students and keep them active participants in the learning process. The faculty utilizes a variety of differentiated instructional methods as well as technology-based strategies to facilitate student learning. All lessons are in accordance with curriculum guides approved by the Woodbridge Township Board of Education and aligned with the most recent New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Ultimately, our goals center around providing a dynamic and well-rounded academic foundation that will foster life-long learners and contributing citizens.