District Information

Woodbridge Township School District
P.O. Box 428, School Street

Woodbridge NJ 07095
(Directions Here)

Questions about the School District:
Robert Zega, Ed.D., Superintendent, (732) 602-8550

Affirmative Action Officer:
Joanne Shafer, Director of Personnel Services, (732) 602-8470

Anti-Bullying Coordinator:
Vincent Soccodato, Supervisor, (732) 602-8561


CHS - Pellegrino LaSala, Athletics Director, (732) 726-7075
JFK - 
Sean Daly, Athletics Director, (732) 602-8656
WHS - Joseph Ward, Athletics Director, (732) 602-8602

Board of Education:
Brian Wolferman, B.A./Board Secretary, (732) 602-8536

Buildings & Grounds:
Thomas Terpanick, Supervisor, (732) 602-8551

Bus Routes/Transportation:
Mark Cinelli, Supervisor, (732) 596-4133

Community Use of Buildings:
Contact local principal

Curriculum & Instruction, K-12:
John Bader, Asst. Supt. for Curriculum and Instruction, (732) 602-8487

Areas of Curriculum Supervision
Art, Physical Education, Health and Athletics Gr. K-12, Athletic Trainers, Nursing Services Ronn Weisenstein, Supervisor 602-8558
English Gr 6-12, Media Centers, District Test Coordinator Sarah DeRollo, Supervisor 602-8560
Gifted and Talented Education, Dance & Music Programs, AP Coordinator Christina Vreeland, Supervisor 596-4081
Reading, Writing K-5 & Assist ASI Coordinator Laura Calabrese, Supervisor 602-8563
Science Gr. K-12, District Chemical Hygiene Plans, Guidance Services Kelly Aker, Supervisor 602-8557
Mathematics Gr. K-12, Academic Support Instruction Edward Braunsdorf, Supervisor 602-8565
Social Studies, World Languages, Affirmative Action Vincent Soccodato, Supervisor 602-8561
Technology Gr. K-12, 21st Century Life & Careers Programs, Assistant District Test Coordinator, PARCC Coordinator Christopher Callahan, Supervisor 602-8564
ESL/Bilingual Programs, I&RS Svces., 504 Plans, & Assist the Affirmative Action Officer Debjani Roy, Supervisor 602-3491

Elementary/Secondary Education:
John Bader, Asst. Supt. for Curriculum and Instruction, (732) 602-8487

Joanne Shafer, Director of Personnel Services, (732) 602-8470

Food Services:
Mark Cinelli, Supervisor, (732) 602-8551

Homeless Liaison:
Diane Schrieks, Supervisor, (732) 602-8571 

David Weidele, Purchasing Specialist, (732) 602-8573

Brian F. Small, Coordinator, (732) 602-2523

Special Education:
Julie Bair, Director of Special Services, (732) 602-8575

Special Education Child Study Teams:
Natalie Gricko, Supervisor, (732) 669-4009

Special Education Programs:
Diane Schrieks, Supervisor, (732) 602-8571

Substitute Teaching:
Joanne Shafer, Director of Personnel Services, (732) 602-8469

Systems Liaison/No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Coordinator, Title I Coordinator:
Robert Ragan, Coordinator, (732) 602-8491

Bruno Martins, Video Production Technician, (732) 726-2310

Joseph Masperi, Manager of Information Technology, (732) 499-4809